⸢ Welcome to Lampwick ⸥

You enter the vestibule of an abandoned manor on the edge of town. This sprawling estate stands where less than 24 hours ago was nothing more than an empty lot of overgrown grass. You lift your phone to take a picture of this ghostly, crumbling building. The camera focuses on a nondescript patch of darkness ahead of you, highlighting what it believes to be a face. But there's nothing there... or so you thought...

Welcome to Lampwick Manor, a virtual home in constant metaphorical disrepair. I'm your infernal eternal host, Raziel. You can call me Raz for short. Before I can give you free rein of my estate, you need to accept several ground rules.... for your own safety, of course.

  • Mobile devices won't work inside. I had the manor built to my specific tastes. Unfortunately, this means your phone won't work the way you might expect while inside these walls. Desktop computers should have no issues.
  • Beware broken links. The rooms of Lampwick Manor are restless and easily spooked; they may move at a moment's notice, even if you already have your hand on the doorknob.
  • Ring the service bell if you need me. I can't help you build your own manor, but I can engage in friendly conversation if you ever grow tired of gossiping with the resident wraiths.

You can navigate the manor's rooms by going through the doors at the top of the stairs. Don't be alarmed if any of the rooms are empty; sometimes they wander off to nap or get up to harmless mischief. Come back later and there might be something new.

Happy exploring!